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Happy New Year, everyone

Me, I'm sitting at home in my comfy sweats. I decided not to go to a party tonight, because I have three D&D games scheduled this weekend and I wanted to stay home and make sure all my characters got levelled. My priorities are either very wrong or very right.

Anyway, I haven't posted to my journal in a long time, but since I've used it to help me record life happenings in the past, I figured I should poke it back to life before the year officially ends. So here's a brief, sometimes shallow overview of things I remember that were significant to me in 2009:

January - President Obama was inaugurated. I don't think the reasons that he was elected are all good, or that it signals any sort of end to racism in the U.S., but I'm glad he was.

February - I had an email conversation with Penny Arcade's Tycho about racism in Resident Evil 5. It was an interesting experience, and my own nerdy brush with celebrity.

March - My apartment got vomited on by an upstairs water heater.

April - I got to see the lovely and talented Vienna Teng in concert.

May - My beloved ratzeo graduated from college. Also, my D&D character (the robot) helped kill a red dragon.

June - I saw RENT on stage (again), this time starring Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascal, the original Mark and Roger.

July - I went to Vegas on a girls' trip for zinjadu's birthday. I also brought home Nexus, my first laptop of my very own.

August - My best friend from high school got married.

September - I began volunteering at a local cat shelter, which is significant to me both because I like doing it, and also I finally accepted that volunteering my time does not need to accomplish politically world-changing work, or otherwise "embody" my anti-oppression beliefs, in order to be worthwhile. I also saw Wicked on stage (again).

October - ratzeo celebrated our 5th anniversary. I also found out I have an ovarian cyst. So, you know, good and bad.

November - November was ... not an easy month for me, for various reasons that don't need to be laid out on a New Year's recap post. Some happily shallow things I remember about this month was my embarrassingly fervent obsession with Dancing With the Stars, and my introduction to Georgette Heyer novels.

December - I moved into a new apartment, which I hope to call home for a good long time.

2009 ... wasn't the kindest year to me, in a few ways, but I'm glad I had it. I've had a lot of blessings throughout, and I know that the difficulties I've faced are manageable and not permanent. I don't just accept the next year, but rather am determined to make it worthwhile.

So here's to 2010. May it treat you well, and give you reason to feel joy and wonder at being alive.

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