Dora (sigelphoenix) wrote,

What. What.

Excerpt from the response I received to my second email (see previous entry):

While I am just a Customer Service Representative of this company, I feel like I should share my point of view.

I totally understand where you're coming from as a consumer, and realize the gray area that has been created.

Ultimately, as an employee of the company that created this campaign, I feel honored that we broke the status quo in a sea of other companies that advertise in similar ways. Did it make some uncomfortable? Yes. Did it make some think? Yes. Did it make people act? Yes. Personally, I've been forced to take a look at what I consider the "tipping point" of what action is. How many people does it take to change the status quo? How many have to support a cause before action is taken? I may never know these answers, but I feel like I work at a company that has it's hand on the pulse of questions like this.

Is there any way this doesn't boil down to, "I'm glad we made people think, because clearly no one was thinking about these issues before, and clearly being obnoxious was the best way to do it"?

God, this is like the white people who ignore the grief, stress, anger, and depression caused by RaceFail (whatever iteration) and just gush, "I'm so grateful I could learn from this!"

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