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Ow, my feet

I've been somewhat lucky in that, over the course of the four beginner dance classes I've taken through the university, I haven't really had my feet stepped on by partners. But tonight, on the first night of a new class at a new venue downtown ... I seem to have made up for all that missed time. >_<

I wouldn't actually mind too much - we're beginners; it happens - but my feet were already a bit sore because I'm breaking in my new shoes. (If you're curious, these are the shoes - they're character shoes, rather than actual ballroom or Latin shoes, which the local dance shop recommended because they are lower in both heel and cost. I am a liiiiittle worried that I got a size that's too small, but I'm crossing my fingers that they just need to be broken in.)

Anyway, the class itself was pretty cool. It's an introductory course to social ballroom, covering four dances (foxtrot, waltz, cha cha, and swing) over five weeks. So, not very in depth. At the beginning of the hour, I had a moment of worry that I might've wasted the not-insignificant amount of money it cost to register, since the instructor emphasized how little content we would cover, and how rudimentary the course would be. In the end, though, I'm glad I'm in the class. As we were covering the basics (foxtrot was tonight's dance), the instructor talked constantly both about what our bodies should be doing, and why they should be doing those things. She did acknowledge that a lot of that information would not stick, at least on this first go-round, but I loved hearing it - I really like building an understanding of why something works the way it does, and I do believe this part of the learning will make me a better dancer.

As for the other two courses, salsa is really fun and I'm going to take the next level in January; Argentine tango continues to kick my butt and yet I'm still somehow compelled by it. :P

This week was actually pretty full, because the intro course is offered at a place that does monthly courses, whereas the salsa and Argentine tango classes are scheduled based on the school calendar; so for this week and next week I'll be taking three classes each week. Whew. But, at least I won't go class-less over the school break and totally get out of practice.

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