May 23rd, 2006

thinky tim

Repeat after me: "We are all individuals ..."

Tekanji has a thought-provoking post on a fetish website that's been getting some attention on the blogosphere lately, called Superheroine's Demise. I highly recommend giving it a read, but, in a nutshell: the website is about portraying poweful superheroines being beaten and defeated for the sake of (male) sexual gratification, and that's Not Okay for various reasons.

Tekanji makes the point that, far from being an extreme fetish we can/should ignore, it fits in quite easily with mainstream culture:

"If you accept my premise that the fantasy of dominating powerful women is a pervasive one for men in Western culture, then it would obviously follow that (male) comic fans would have this fantasy, too. Not to mention those who write and draw these heroines. In essence, the fetish of humiliating strong women is perpetuated by the comics themselves, in turn influencing comic book readers to see it as erotic, which feeds the idea that this is what comic fans want... lather, rinse, repeat until you have these themes becoming codified into mainstream thought."

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thinky tim

And then sometimes ...

... random things happen to brighten your day.

1) Ice cream at work. I still don't know why we got it, but who's going to say no to black cherry and vanilla ice cream with walnuts and whipped cream?

2) This is for all those silly people who think the Internet is useless - for without it, we would not have things like "Don't Shoot the Puppy." (Link given to me by our receptionist. He is younger and geekier than my other co-workers, so I don't have to pretend to be mature around him.)