May 24th, 2006

thinky tim

Geekery heals

So, yesterday I was feeling kind of down, for various reasons - the primary ones being the two papers I had just gotten back in class, in which I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. (Now, to be fair, they weren't bad - I shouldn't exaggerate - just disappointing.) But then a few things happened.

First, I reminded myself that doing well is not the point. I'm studying and majoring in things that interest me, things that I find valuable - not mindless 4.0 classes. (The mindless 4.0 classes would be the lit requirements of my English major.) Both my creative writing and women studies courses have been among the most difficult/lowest grade courses I've taken here - and that's okay. I'm here to learn, not to graduate summa cum laude. (Though I would really like to graduate summa cum laude. :P)

Second, I spent the evening with ratzeo going over game mechanics. Mostly, this means that I have a better grasp of the NPC who I will occasionally be running. Also, it means I have a better grasp on rules and techniques in general - so I'll be less flaily and "omg what do I do?" in game.

Third, I've been highlighted over at for yesterday's post. Yay for an ego boost!

It all just added up to make a better day today than yesterday. :D