January 10th, 2007

thinky tim


Thanks to everyone who put up with my whining.

Wait - scratch that. Thanks to everyone who put up with my legitimate complaints, and gave me a nudge when they became illegitimate. (Must remember to not get carried away either over-dramatizing my angst, or dismissing my actual problems.)

Right now, I'm sitting warm in my house and enjoying the sight of the snow that sprang up within the last hour. The view outside my window, despite being on the ground floor, is nice; I can see into the yard between my house and the neighbors', and catch sight of the trees beyond. The flakes are round and fat, leaving little pebble-like clumps of snow on the ground. I'm cozy inside, and indulging in hot chocolate and pumpkin bread.

Assuming kyonkun gets home okay tonight, and tomorrow's commute isn't hampered (or, if it will be, everything gets cancelled and we can stay home), I'll be quite happy.

Now, to work.