February 27th, 2007

thinky tim

State of the Me Address

I've sort of disappeared from socializing this quarter. I've been working on it, though, and trying to improve my social habits so I do things with more substance than just spend my Saturdays gaming. (It's fun, but not exactly the height of interpersonal relations. :P) Or just being at ratzeo's apartment to do homework, and occasionally leaving his room to procrastinate with zinjadu.

I think I'm succeeding, as much as is possible at the moment. I don't go out during the week, but I give myself plenty of time to goof off on weekends. On Saturday I got to see laylah and jpegasus! ... for, uh ... gaming. But still! And last weekend I watched ratzeo, uh ... ran his game for the First Time Gamers Club. Um. But at least I get to, you know, see and talk to people. It's good for keeping my brains healthy.

ratzeo and I have been trying to go on actual dates, too, rather than just bumming around at each other's places all weekend. (It's best not to let ourselves get into a rut after only two years. XD) It's been surprising to have so much fun just going out to a nice restaurant. I don't think we're cool enough to keep up with mainstream dating on a regular basis, though. 8D

I wish I had more time for online socializing, though - blogging and commenting and the like. I keep letting comments sit in my inbox without replying to them, and I feel like I haven't gotten to write a substantial entry in months. I've got a ton of things I'd like to write about, because so many things are making me thoughtful and/or angry - and writing helps me focus that anger into something useful - but I'm such a slow writer that I always end up spending a couple of hours on an article, and I can't really justify that. One of the things I look forward to in my post-graduation transition to regular employment is that I should have time to blog more, either at work if I get an office job, or in the evenings when I have no homework to keep me busy. It's just three months away. XO

At the moment, the workload of my classes is tapering off in order to give us time to work on term papers. It's kind of overwhelming at the moment because I'm writing a research paper for the first time in god-only-knows. And I probably should have been working on it throughout the quarter. But I started my research a whole three weeks before the due date! XD;; And I'm really interested in my topic - the ways in which Native women and other women of color have been excluded from their ethnic identities, particularly due to marriage, sexuality, and sexual violence - but the process of fishing out information and organizing it is making me go O_o.

I'm at the point, though, where my head won't stop whirling with plans and worries. I just end up taking naps - even when I'm not particularly tired - in order to make my brain go silent. :P I think I'll go do that now - things always seem more manageable after a break.
thinky tim

Music news

For anyone who shares my music interests (which are, admittedly, pretty random - but you should find one or two things that interest you):

-Onitsuka Chihiro, whose last single was released in 2004, will release a new single and album starting in the early summer.

-Sakamoto Maaya will release a new album, "30 minutes night flight," at the end of March.

-Lea Salonga is currently playing Fantine in the Broadway production of Les Mis. She originally played Eponine over ten years ago. What's weirder is that the actress she's replacing as Fantine is Daphne Rubin-Vega (the original Mimi). O_o

-For those who are curious about why Rubin-Vega and Fredi Walker did not reprise their roles as Mimi and Joanne in the Rent movie, the Wikipedia articles report that Rubin-Vega was pregnant at the time of the filming, and Walker and director Chris Columbus decided that she was too old to play Joanne again. (Sort of old news, but I never knew.)

-Idina Menzel apparently has another solo album coming out this year.

P.S. Most of this information comes from Wikipedia, so I don't know how reliable it is. But it's all probably at least partially true.

P.P.S. How obvious is it that I'm avoiding homework? :P