March 13th, 2007

thinky tim


So here's the little saga of my life these past few days ...

Wednesday: I begin to feel ill, but stay up late anyway finishing my final paper for my racism class.
Thursday: My irresponsibility bites me in the butt and I feel sicker.
Friday: I decide to be responsible and stay home to rest up.
Saturday: I feel better! So I work on my research paper for my class on Native women, then decide that I have enough time to attend both games I have scheduled for the weekend and still finish my paper.
Sunday: I feel great! ... Until that evening, when suddenly I get knocked flat by sickness. AGAIN. WTF.
Monday: I am a whiny baby fretting over sickness and my incomplete research paper. ratzeo is stuck playing nurse while I shake my fist at the heavens for the unfairness of it all.
Today: I am still a whiny baby fretting over sickness and my incomplete research paper. I get paranoid that I won't be able to finish it by the due date (tomorrow) and email my professor, asking for an extra day. As the day wears on with no answer, I get frettier and whinier. ratzeo suggests I try calling my professor, which I hesitate to do because I feel like I'm whining enough as it is.

It's a good thing I didn't try calling, because my professor just emailed me back. Furthermore, she told me to just take ALL OF SPRING BREAK to finish my paper without penalty. I ... I think if I heard that over the phone, I would have busted up crying ... And I say that because I DID bust up crying after reading the email. I was so relieved. And I just ... I just cannot even express how kind that was.

I'm going to go ... sleep, or something. Just try to take care of myself and get better, which is what you should be able to do when you're sick, but which circumstances rarely allow you to do unless you happen to have a very understanding professor. *wibble*
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