April 16th, 2007

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Discursive patterns regarding sexual violence [Women and Violence, Part 3]

[This is part of my series on Women and Violence, which I am writing as a project for a Women Studies course I'm taking. For an explanation and information on my intentions with this series, please see the introduction.]

A couple of disclaimers, to start:

-First, this is not about me being angry at, or blaming, any particular individuals. This is also not about placing the responsibility for a society-wide problem on these particular individuals.

-Second, this entry is for everyone to read, even though I refer to a specific example in which only a few people were involved. The point of this entry is, again, not to pin the responsibility on anyone. The point is to raise awareness of a common, problematic pattern that we all engage in.

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thinky tim

For those of you playing along at home

Next time you find yourself thinking, I swear I've heard this all before, whip out one of these handy bingo cards!

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-Anti-Comics-Feminist Bingo by Karen and Betty at Girl-Wonder.org
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-White Liberal Bingo by i_dreamed_i_was

... In other news, I'm trying desperately to avoid falling into OMG-I-don't-know-what-I'm-DOING panic over the 10 page research paper I have due on Friday. And, um, haven't started. >_> Wish me luck.