April 24th, 2007

thinky tim

What objectification in comics? Take 2

Ladies and gentlemen, we've finally found proof of objectification in comics.

Is it Greg Land's eternal pornface on women? Nope. Michael Turner's inability to draw a woman's waist wider than her neck? Pssh! Rob Liefeld's ... well, anything? Of course not!

The actual culprit is, of course, Alex Ross. Yes, we all should have known, what with all that suspicious talent and photorealistic painting ability.

Look! He painted a guy who may-or-may-not-have-an-erection-or-on-the-other-hand-may-just-be-flaccid-but-well-endowed!

I mean, clearly we've never seen any female superheroes subjected to this sort of humiliation - drawn with exaggerated sexual body parts or with a hint of possible sexual arousal. And poor Citizen Steel, he's actually portrayed in a powerful pose that emphasizes his strength, rather than being reduced to contorting himself to display all his curves to the viewer at once! The horror!

The worst part of all, of course, is that Alex Ross has forced male comic fans to - gasp! - see a dude's penis. Which, like, totally makes you gay! And isn't! that! terrible! and not a homophobic reaction at all!

I don't know if the male population will ever recover from this setback.

Hat-tip: WFA