May 10th, 2007

thinky tim

Hey, Marvel

Here's an idea: stop putting out shit that pisses me the fuck off.

Oh, look! It's MJ bent in a back-killing position, contorted to show off tits AND ass, with a waist smaller than her neck! Har, har! Oop, don't forget the obedient little smile while she does Spidey's chores. Hilarious!

Hey, Marvel? That shit isn't funny. It isn't edgy or rebellious. Making women be on sexual display while engaged in domestic labor isn't new; it is, in fact, the same goddamn pressure women have had to face for-frickin-ever. Oh, and, guess what? Women shoved into uncomfortable positions that make them "sexy" to the viewer without allowing them any sexual pleasure - hell, any comfort - for themselves, is also not new. It's what we call the fashion industry. And advertising in general.

Hell, if we're talking about women being physically uncomfortable in order to provide sexual gratification for someone else, that's a good chunk of heterosexual relations.

In less teeth-gnashing news, Democratic presidential candidate Mike Gravel has the guts to be a decent human being. "What this world needs is a lot more than what we presently have" is true - and it goes for people like him, too.

ETA: Karen Healey makes things better.