May 17th, 2007

thinky tim

Attention, UW folks!

The Women Studies department is in desperate need of funds for its graduation ceremony. Our departmental budget managed to pay for the facilities for our ceremony, as well as some other basic requirements - but beyond that, everything is left for the students to fund themselves.

Could you find it in your heart of hearts to donate some money to the cause? Even a few dollars will help. Everything we receive will go towards things such as decorating our venue, printing nice programs, feeding our guests, and accomodating our musical performers.

I'm setting up a donation box in the main office of the Women Studies department. It's located in Padelford Hall, one of the first doors in the right-hand hallway from the main entrance.

If you have a few spare bucks, please consider donating them to the cause of an awesome, but underfunded, department. I love my department and the good work it does, and I want to honor its members in our graduation ceremony.

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