May 18th, 2007

thinky tim

Need ... weekend ... now ...

*makes grabby hands at it*

This afternoon, I've got another job interview to get through. I mean, of course I'm glad to be called in, because that's a good sign! But it's kind of exhausting. (If ever I labored under the illusion that I was free from the pressures of performing normative femininity, preparing for a job interview sets me straight, let me tell you.)

I don't officially get to start my weekend for a while, because I need to get a lot of work done tonight and tomorrow (so I can go to irishninja's game on Sunday, yay!). So my Friday night will be spent writing papers, like the cool and trendy person I am.

BUT! I am definitely taking a break tomorrow morning to go to the University District Street Fair, because it is fantasmagous. And because if I don't take a break I'm more liable to use words like "fantasmagous." Is anyone else going, and would you like to meet up, preferably close to the opening time of 10:00? The Street Fair is always more fun with other people. *hopeful*