June 3rd, 2007

thinky tim

Wait ... not yet ...!

I thought I was going to avoid getting a case of the woobs before I finished up with school, but now that I'm sitting at home on a quiet Sunday night, they're starting to creep up on me.

I managed to hold out on Thursday, when I had my last day of (undergraduate) classes; and on Friday, when I had my last ADP showing. But now, as I sit in front of my computer to write my last paper, I'm beginning to feel the sort of wistful nostalgia that hits me when things are ending. Over writing my last paper. How nerdy is that?

It's just as well that I will most likely (hopehopehope) end up working at my current office after graduation. If I had to think about saying goodbye to that place, too, I'd probably be hopelessly wooby.

I think the reason I've been able to keep the woobiness from hitting me thus far is that I've just been too damn busy to have time to dwell on much of anything. But I finally hit the peak of my busyness, and I'm on the downward slope. About a month ago I made a spreadsheet of all the obligations I had through June (nerd points x 2!!), and as I look at it now it's about half the size it originally was. Three of my courses are completely taken care of. My obsessive job search is finally tapering off, and I only have a couple of interviews left before (I think) I settle on something. The Women Studies graduation still looms over my head, but at this point there's no more time for major decisions or changes in plans, so for better or for worse it's going to happen according to the plans I've set up so far.

So now I have some breathing room, which means time to brood. And it's a rainy summer evening, which always makes me nostalgic and squishy. So I start thinking Deep Thoughts about life changes and personal growth and the transience of circumstances.

I hope I can still accomplish everything I need to before degenerating into a pile of reminiscing wibbliness. :P

P.S. Thank you to everyone who's put up with me being stressed out, flaily, anti-social, etc. for the past quarter. ^^;