July 5th, 2007

thinky tim

Still alive and kicking

I'm working off my jet lag a little bit every day - though this morning I caved and drank coffee because I kept staring blankly into the computer screen. Not exactly a good look for the face of the front desk. :P

My tiredness might also have to do with being up a little late last night - zinjadu and Kindra threw together an impromptu 4th of July picnic at Magnuson, and ratzeo and I got to tag along to spend the day nerding it up (i.e. playing Betrayal at House on the Hill) at the park. This meant abandoning our plans for an all-day date, but you know what's awesome? We shifted those plans to Saturday morning with no trouble, because neither of us has classes or homework to worry about. ♥! I kind of like this being graduated thing.

In work news, I still don't officially have a job. :P But I have it in all but name - my supervisors are already making plans with me while they await final approval of their hiring decision. AND one of my supervisors tells me they're gunning for the maximum possible pay, which is all kinds of shiny.

Speaking of shininess related to my job, someone in a neighboring department told me I had a beautiful voice, "very deep and resonant." Besides being a lovely compliment to randomly bestow upon someone, I feel especially fuzzy because I was always self-conscious about my voice while growing up - being "deep and resonant" made me feel out of place when I was surrounded by tiny blonde girls with cute and high voices. ^^;

Also, if anyone's interested, I'm planning to write up a summary of everything we did in London/Edinburgh, for my own reference at least. I'm just very lazy and haven't started it yet.