August 5th, 2007

thinky tim

Beer, movies, and a touch of imperialism

On Friday I went out with some coworkers to say goodbye to a coworker who's leaving for a new job. They took me to Feierabend, a German tavern just north of downtown. There was good beer that I actually liked (usually beer and I don't get along well), and mouthwateringly delicious German food. It struck me as the kind of place rivendellrose might like, but I think it would be fun for anyone to try.

After dinner, we went to see The Bourne Ultimatum - even though I haven't seen the first two movies in the trilogy, because my coworkers assured me that Matt Damon was The Sex in it. That wasn't the *only* reason I went to the movie - I was also told that they're pretty self-contained and easy to follow, and that the action is good - but it helped. :P

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As for the movie itself, I had fun. It took place in several different countries, including predominantly non-white countries, but I didn't feel that it was excessive or exploitative. The action was clever and sometimes ridiculous - but the movie felt self-aware enough that I laughed with it, not at.

Although the scene in which both the assassin and Matt Damon locate Julia Stiles through her hairstyle was a little much. In the next scene, we see Stiles dying her hair, and I can just imagine her thinking to herself, "Perhaps my distinctive bright blonde highlights in dark brown hair are not conducive to my life as a secret agent!"

There was also the pre-climactic final scene in which Matt Damon mutters, "This is where it began for me. This is where I'll end it," and the dramatic BOW-WHAKA-SHAKA-BOW music kicks up before he even finishes talking. XD