August 21st, 2007


[Next Time Gamers Club] War Trophies

Two (and a half) adventures in, and ratzeo has me writing fic for his game. I don't know if that's cool, or sad. :P

My character in this game is Nexus, a construct based off of the Warforged race from the Eberron campaign setting (just with a different origin story). It is three years old, and has spent over two years wandering on its own, since it killed the man who once controlled it. It is a chaotic neutral Crusader whose powers are granted by Tempus, deity of warriors. (It also eschews gender identity, for reasons I'll probably write about later.)

In this story, it has just survived a battle against a cult of evil werewolves who threatened to overrun a human town. Lyson (played by Rommel) is its faithful sidekickhuman companion. Other characters who show up are Anora (zinjadu, Luth (Kindra), Levanter (casaval), and Buron (niwatorimegami). Those may or may not be the correct spellings of their names.

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