August 26th, 2007

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How I Accidentally Went to PAX For Free

Even though I had decided not to register, even though I didn't take advantage of Paizo's call for volunteers. I actually didn't think I would go at all, because even though it sounded fun and other people were going (like ratzeo, irishninja, and zinjadu) I decided not to spend the money on registering.

Cue Friday night, when ratzeo comes home from the con and gives me a three-day pass. XD Apparently someone who had purchased one suddenly couldn't attend, and he gave it away to the first person who wanted it.

Saturday morning, I went into the con with ratzeo, and the first time we went into the exhibitors' hall, we were handed a flyer advertising an appearance by Greg Rucka. He was there to sign demos of a PSP game called Logan's Shadow ... but the reason we squeed like squeeing things is that he's *also* a writer of many comics that are good liek whoa, including the very run of Wonder Woman that I just purchased and fangirled over the other day. Oh, and also? I happened to have two of them on my person so I could read them during any free time.

So! We hustled to the location of the signing and hovered in wait for about twenty minutes (we were early, and Greg himself was caught up in an interview that ran into the signing time). I actually didn't have the guts to ask if Greg would be willing to sign my trades instead of the product he was actually promoting, but ratzeo was my courage and spoke up for me.

Greg was very personable, learning our names and chatting us up about the comic. He also joined in our general flabbergasting about the string of coincidences that set up this meeting - because seriously, that was almost too convenient to believe. He graciously signed my trades, and also gave us a copy of the demo (even though we don't have PSPs ^^;).

I, of course, did not have enough control over my faculties at the time to say anything coherent, or even express how much I love his story for Diana. I think he understood, though, based on my speechless glee. XD Besides, it was probably better that I couldn't speak, because we held up the line long enough as it was.

The rest of the day consisted of hanging out at the Paizo booth, a group of us acting as free advertising for the board games that were being demoed. I stayed in the exhibitors' hall mostly, because there were plenty of shiny things there to occupy my attention. Also, the only panel I was really interested in attending (about women in the gaming industry) was on Friday. That evening, I played in one of the open-call D&D adventures, using a character run by ratzeo on the previous day. It was pretty fun, though I've been spoiled by having campaigns from irishninja, ratzeo, peartreealley, and chasdini, so I was somewhat unimpressed. ;)

So that was my surprise con Saturday, which was far more awesome than should have been allowed, as last-minute as it was. Some would call this lucky. I'm sure no one's surprised, though, considering who was involved with most of it. :P