September 5th, 2007

thinky tim

Sexual harassment seminar

As part of my orientation at my new job, I was required to attend a seminar/workshop/lecture about sexual harassment in the workplace (specifically, my workplace - which most of you probably know but I won't repeat because this is a public entry).

I found the seminar impressive, because the presenter knew her stuff and wasn't just mouthing off platitudes. However, there is the niggling sense that this effort is just lip service, if there are not other efforts to back it up. So there's definitely room for critique and improvement.

Our presenter just sent out an email compiling the comments from the evaluation forms, and many of these comments expressed that very concern. However, a couple comments fell prey to the usual anti-feminist myths about sexual harassment, and I think it's useful to look at these straight from the horse's mouth - so there's no distraction of "people don't REALLY talk that way ..." - and see what these statements really mean.

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