September 14th, 2007

thinky tim

Weekend prospects

The bad:

-I'm so tired. -_- Two days this week, I've been so exhausted I just laid down, and ended up waking up two or three hours later, when it was my bedtime - which is unusual for me, because usually my body just wakes up naturally after half an hour or an hour. I wonder if it's hormonal. :/ In either case, I'm hoping to catch up on rest this weekend.

-Also, I can't help jpegasus and laylah in their move this weekend (though the reason is good; see below). Now, it's not like I would be that much help, since my spindly arms have the load-bearing capacity of cooked bacon. But I could at least be another set of hands.

The good:

-My parents are coming up to visit on Saturday, which is why I'm busy that day. I haven't seen them since ... graduation? Long enough, at least, that I still have their London souvenirs sitting on my desk.

-Tonight, my schedule looks like this: 1) go home and grab dinner, 2) bake brownies and take them to zinjadu's apartment for a sculpey party to make figures of our characters for ratzeo's game. 8D I'm still not sure what exactly I'll make, since I don't have a final character design for Nexus. However, kyonkun gave me the helpful suggestion of painting a flower on it. XD

-Things are moving forward at work to put me in a more visible recruiting/advising role for prospective students. Eeee. Which, hell, is something I've been learning to do for four years now, since I started out as a student employee.

Now, I know it seems weird for me to be excited about this, considering how much I complain about my phone calls - but what I hate is stupid people, not advising. If I were in an advising role, I would have the authority to *tell* people that they're being stupid, and that it *won't* help them get into the school. XD And I'll also be able to encourage people who are being smart. Plus more marketable skills for my resume zomg.