September 27th, 2007

thinky tim

Today at the gym

On the way in to the gym tonight, I saw a big fluffy puppy. :D Well, okay, not a puppy, but it was big and fluffy. Looked like a Bernese Mountain Dog. It was very mellow, tied up outside the door and sitting calmly; it didn't get up when I came over, just wagged its tail and let me pet it. <3

And on the way out? Well, nothing as cute, but ... As I was headed out the door, I suddenly started paying attention to the music that was playing, and heard, "Your disco ... NEEDS ... YOU!"

(That was totally our unofficial theme for the Jedi game. XD XD XD)

Anyway. I'm going to go work on some writing now. Gotta finish my fic for ratzeo's game about when my character defeated a dinosaur-creature and won the leadership of the lizardfolk tribe ...

... 'cause that's less nerdy ... yeah.