October 1st, 2007

thinky tim

Good and bad

The good: I finished my fic for ratzeo's game on Thursday night.

The bad: I stayed up until close to 1 a.m. writing the fic, thereby giving me 6 hours of sleep before work on Friday (I generally need 8-8.5 hours a night).

The good: I got to sit in on the adventure ratzeo ran on Friday, even though he split the party into two groups and I was supposed to play on Sunday. Watching Friday's game meant that my character could interact with niwatorimegami's character before he left the game - and, more importantly, I got to see niwatorimegami one last time before she left for Japan.

The bad: I stayed up super-late again, and I couldn't sleep in the next morning because it was the library book sale.

The good: I got to the library book sale early enough to be near the front of the line of people waiting to get in. A lot more people seemed to target the comic book section this year, so I didn't have quite as good of a haul as I'm used to, but I still picked up a few interesting graphic novels. I also snagged a few Octavia Butler novels from the sci-fi section, books by Ronald Takaki and bell hooks from the ethnic studies area, and a collection of essays by contemporary feminists about relationships between straight women and lesbians (I forget the title). I'm trying to educate myself more about homophobia (and transphobia too), and while this book isn't theory-heavy, it's a start. I also figure it's better to start from a source that is explicitly feminist, since I'm particularly interested in the homophobia that infiltrates feminist movements.

The bad: I had to get up at 7:30 to do that. Erg. After the book sale, I ran home to make lunch, then had to go to the grocery store, then had to leave again to meet up with nekokoban and miss_arel for a birthday party.

The good: The party was fun! Also full of nerdery, as we played Apples to Apples and Betrayal at House on the Hill. After that someone broke out The Great Dalmuti, but I was too sleepy and full of boozcohol to participate. I didn't drink enough to get drunk, but it was enough that I promptly fell asleep once I got into bed.

The bad: I got up early again to play in ratzeo's adventure. My poor sleepy self. Sad cries.

The good: The adventure. (Duh.)

The bad: I was supposed to leave in the early afternoon in order to meet my old classmates and talk (feminism) shop. However, I started feeling ill with whatever bug has been traveling around my office in the last week or so. I didn't feel like getting up and going anywhere, so I called in sick and missed the get-together, which was incredibly disappointing. I really don't get to see those women enough.

The good: I did feel well enough to sit at a table and roll dice, so I played the rest of the adventure, albeit fuzzy-headed.

The bad: I'm now sitting at work hit with both sleep-deprivation and desperately fending off sickness. Argh. D:

I was planning to implement a Monday-Wednesday-Friday gym schedule, but I'm too wiped to go, and I'd much rather rest now than get sick later in the week. I want to keep myself healthy and happy, and keep up the good routine I've been having lately.

Three more hours, and I can go home and collapse. I'm going to make this a good month, darnit.