October 3rd, 2007

thinky tim

Hot date!

... and ratzeo was nowhere in sight. XD

peartreealley, kyonkun and I went out to dinner last night at The Ram, and stuffed ourselves full of burgers and salad.

Afterward, peartreealley came home with us and then she and I had our drawing date. <3 I actually did more coloring than drawing, as I experimented with the Prismacolor pencils that coramegan lent me. peartreealley also graciously provided her Copic markers for me to try (as well as instruction and encouragement as I poked around with them). I actually found that I really like markers. They're a little intimidating, because of how permanent they are - especially since I've been using magically reversible digital coloring lately - but I like the look, and they felt easier to use than the colored pencils. (I think using pencils, and using them well, requires more skill than I have.)

So now I know what my next art purchase will be. 8D Though I think I'm going to hold off on Copics for now, and go with the much more affordable Prismacolor markers that miss_arel recommended to me.

... And speaking of hot dates, ratzeo and I are actually going to try to do that date thing again, for the first time in ... what, six months? ^^;; But our anniversary is next week, so now we have a reason/excuse. (It'll be three years. Part of me feels like that's a long time, part of me feels like it's no time at all. o_o)