October 31st, 2007

thinky tim

Lessons from Halloween

Hey, white parents? Just so you know, when your darling little precious decides to use traditional clothing from non-white cultures as a HALLOWEEN COSTUME, that ain't cute. It's ignorant and annoying.

I don't like opening the door of my own goddamn home to find some white girl who thinks being Chinese is like a toy, something you can pick up and toss around and then throw away when you're done.

Also? I think Halloween reminds me why I'm generally not good parent material. I like looking at kids in cute costumes, but that's not enough to make me enthusiastic about trick-or-treating in general, not when kids who jackhammer my doorbell or get all grabby about candy fray my nerves. The cute just doesn't overcome the irritating, for me.

Which is pretty much my reaction to children in general.

Now, my own celebration of Halloween was much more pleasant, because I got to hang out with people who are not eight years old (even if they act that way sometimes XD) at a Halloween party over the weekend. Also, the almighty lunapome lent her costume-making talents to the project of creating costumes for herself, me, zinjadu, nekokoban, and miss_arel as representations of fire, water, earth, metal, and air, respectively. It was nerdtastic and awesome. XD