November 10th, 2007

yanagisawa sae

[Warmakers] Reflections, Distortions

Squeaking in under the deadline of tomorrow's adventure ...

Title: Reflections, Distortions
Characters: Sae, Reika, and a little bit of Miya, Gunnar, and Ichiro
Warmakers Adventure: 12 and 13.
Word Count: ~3,200
Summary: Reflections aren't always accurate; reflections can be stretched, bent, distorted, depending on the mirror. The same image has infinite possibilities for change.

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So, if one were particularly dorky, one might have imagined this fic representing an "episode" of Warmakers that centers on Sae's character development, the way that a lot of anime series dedicate an episode to individual character introspection. There would be a lot of artistic still shots and blank screens with text, a la an episode of Honey & Clover or Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou. The text would be anonymous, yearning questions, such as What does it mean to be different? and How do I change myself without you? And maybe the opening scene, with young Reika and Sae, would be echoed in a closing image of two hands, larger than children's, letting go of each other.

But only if one were particularly dorky. ;)