November 25th, 2007

thinky tim

A new experience

I just tried something different for the first time last night. It was a lot of fun, if kind of confusing, and kept me up for most of the night. Also, now my ass hurts.

As you've surely guessed, I played Rock Band for the first time last night. ... whut. music_enforcer and lunapome recently got it and let me come over to their apartment last night, where I joined them and ratzeo, zinjadu, miss_arel, and nekokoban (who did not play an instrument, but instead provided peanut gallery commentary :Db).

Having never played Guitar Hero or any other games of that ilk, I didn't think I could do anything besides vocals, and then I couldn't do vocals because I don't know rock music. But miss_arel took a break from drums and convinced me to try ...

... and ZOMG it's SO MUCH FUN. XD;;

Now, miss_arel did point out, quite accurately, that sometimes, on the drums, you're reduced to an angry monkey banging on things with sticks. (This is especially the case when you trigger your "Overdrive" mode, at least for me - you improvise for a specified amount of time, which means that no-improv-skills me just whacks things at random.) But! XD;; It was a lot of fun, and everyone was very patient with me as I learned. And also? I got to make a Gwen'maethor'roval avatar, how cool is that.

Since I essentially played for something like six hours straight, I managed to work my way up from Easy to Hard mode. However, this advancement came with two costs: one, I didn't have time to learn the more complicated combinations, so I still go into "angry monkey" mode at times. XD;; Also, the kick pedal is kind of a pain to use, and now I have soreness up my right leg (hence the ass pain). Not that this is going to stop me from playing at every moment that someone who owns the game will let me at their drum set.

Oh yeah, happy belated Thanksgiving to the United Statesians out there. 8D