November 26th, 2007

thinky tim

Shiny things

I got my SJC order in today. :D This one and this one arrived. This one did not, but it shipped out later in the day than the other two, so I'm hoping it'll arrive tomorrow.

Overall, I'm quite pleased. peartreealley gave me very helpful advice, by reminding me that objects on a jewelry website are smaller than they appear. Without that (and considering that the website does not list the measurements for all of their pieces), I probably would have been disappointed. As it is, I do wish the pendants were larger, but this way they're probably better for everyday wear. I love big dangly jewelry, but big dangly semi-precious gemstones would probably be overdoing it. :P And besides, for less than $10 apiece I really can't complain.

(Actually, the only thing that disappointed me was the length of the silver chain I ordered, which was entirely my fault. I don't know what possessed me to order the shortest length, but it's not really good for wearing with anything other than a turtleneck.)

Other than that not-quite-problem, my jewelry is quite satisfactory. Pretty and shiny - that's all I ask for.
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