December 3rd, 2007

thinky tim

Hello, December

The month arrived in typical Seattle fashion: we got snow on the first day (which by itself would be unusual), but then the temperature jumped 20 degrees over the next two days and now we're hit with heavy rain that has already flooded one building on campus. Oh, Washington. ♥

My luck being what it is, I was outside Christmas shopping when the snow started on Saturday. Since that was the last day I could dedicate to shopping before the party this Saturday, though, I soldiered on. But I got everything I needed, woo! And it wasn't so bad, really; the snow was really pretty and I was adequately bundled against the cold. ratzeo also pointed out that we were experiencing the commercially ideal scenario: spending lots of money on Christmas shopping at Pike Place Market on the first day of December in the snow. XD

The idea of going home and enjoying the snow from inside was tempting, but ratzeo and I had tickets to see The Vinyl Cafe at the Moore Theatre that night. And it takes a hell of a lot to make me miss a show. ;) The Vinyl Cafe is a traveling Canadian radio show that alternates between hilarious short stories and awesome musical guests, and we got to see Danny Michel (who was lots of fun), and Allison Russell of Po'Girl (who was just wow). A perfect introduction to Canadian culture for a heathen American like me. ;)

Sunday we had a Warmakers session, which was just awesome. And we also earned a promise of fic from irishninja, our illustrious GM. XD

Today ... Well, today is a Monday, and it feels very slow. I'm feeling paranoid that I've been infected with whatever sickness has been travelling around my office, so I'm guzzling tea and vitamin C in the hopes of fighting if off. *sigh* And my weekend was so nice ...