December 4th, 2007

thinky tim

To sick leave or not to sick leave

The maybe-sick feeling from yesterday continues this morning. It went away last night, but now I'm a bit sniffly and starting to feel fuzzy-headed. It's at that maddening midway point where it could either get worse into full-blown sickness, or could go away tomorrow.

I'm not incapacitated, and normally I would soldier on. But I've got a bunch of things coming up that I would hate to miss: a meeting at the Q Center and dinner at a friend's house on Thursday, a staff retreat on Friday, and the party on Saturday. (Admittedly, I wouldn't be heartbroken at missing the retreat, just mildly disappointed.)

So the question is, do I try to cut my losses and go home today, hoping that I can sleep/tea my way back to health at home? Or do I stick it out and hope that I don't feel worse? My inclination is to go home, but that would also mean finding coverage for the front desk and using some hours of sick leave.

Oh, for the days when I didn't worry about counting sick leave. :P

I kind of want to feel indignant at getting sick, since I'm so scrupulous about washing my hands, eating healthy, and taking vitamin supplements, and I've been working out for two months and should be stronger (i.e. get a boost to my Con). Then again, I do work in an office where at least one person has been sick at any given time for the past several weeks, including the student assistants who cover the phones for me on my breaks. The fact that I haven't gotten sick yet (especially given my track record for Autumn Quarter in previous years) is actually impressive. So I shouldn't complain. (Much.)
thinky tim

Pointless babble as I sit at home ...

... guzzling tea and downing satsumas and trying to rid myself of that ominous tickle in my throat.

In an effort to stave off my am-I-or-am-I-not brooding about my maybe-sickness, I'm thinking about things that are making me happy right now:

- Guzzling tea and downing satsumas is actually a pretty good way to spend my day, actually. The bright side to the fact that I never remember to buy myself cold medicine is that I have to administer tastier food-based remedies to myself.

- I have a new winter coat, since the zipper on my old one busted last week. kyonkun gave it to me as an early Christmas present, and it's all downy and squishy. :D

- I really enjoy wrapping, packaging, and otherwise arranging Christmas presents for people. A pile of wrapped presents is slowly amassing in my room (others are still en route in the mail, or stored at ratzeo's apartment). Seeing a pile of gifts for other people makes me just as happy as seeing a pile of gifts for myself. (Well, okay ... maybe just a teeny bit less happy. XD;;)

- I really look forward to my plans for the remainder of the week, and I'm doing my level best to make sure I'm healthy for them. Can't do anything more right now.

- Since I'm relaxing and (trying to) nap today, I'll have more energy to do the bedroom and basement cleanup I've been poking at since last week. Last night I was too tired to muster the energy, and then I watched the finale of Heroes and it sucked the remainder of my will to be productive.

Edit: My Q Center meeting has been postponed. So that's one less thing to worry about!