March 7th, 2010

thinky tim

5 happy things for a Sunday morning

1. I found a kibble that Drannor will eat!!! \o/ The poor boy has clearly been interested in food, but would always sniff hopefully and then walk away from whatever I put down for him. (And, okay, a cat can easily not eat for a week if it's finicky about food, and for the most part I was only mildly concerned; but I'm also a paranoid cat mama and we just had a cat at the shelter put down for fatty liver disease caused by not eating, so.) Finally, the fourth kibble I attempted (facilitated via samples provided by the fine folks at Mud Bay) was a smash hit. He gobbled it instantly, and happily set into a bowl of it.

As an added bonus, Kershach wasn't at all interested in it, which means I can set out their separate bowls of kibble and they won't eat each other's. Accidental win?

No idea, yet, what magic ingredient(s) turned Drannor on to this food. Perhaps I can figure it out and use that to find a canned food he'll eat ...

2. I made coffee with handmade milk foam. SUPER easy, and it's almost as good as the machine-made stuff.

3. Last night I re-watched Mamma Mia! with kyonkun and lunapome, as a silly and relaxing finish to a day of grocery shopping, eating, and happy hour-ing.

4. Adam Lambert's debut CD. I feel kind of silly for liking it, but he flings himself head-first into his performance, and I do love me some earnest, well-performed pop music.

5. I get to play [personal profile] ratzeo's game in 3 hours! \o/

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