March 8th, 2010

thinky tim

A lovely morning

I spent the night covered in cats. Drannor curled up on top of me for the first time (he's slept with us since day 1, but always next to us, never on us). When Kershach got onto the bed, I was afraid he'd be upset that his spot was taken, but he settled on my legs and then he and Drannor groomed each other on top of me. ♥ I woke up at various points in the night, unable to turn over because I was weighed down by fuzzbutts, but it was worth it.

This morning they were being kind of butts - Kershach did his usual "wake up and feed me" routine, and Drannor ... I'm not sure what Drannor wants, honestly. He purrs and walks on the pillows and sticks his nose in your ear and paws at the covers to be let underneath (and then comes right out again). Which is all very sweet, but completely prevents any attempts to catch those last few minutes of sleep. Oh well.

And then I fed them their breakfast kibble and watched two fuzzy lumps hunched over with their heads stuck in their bowls. I'm still excited to see Drannor eating. :D

[personal profile] ratzeo saw me off to work in the morning. ♥ Normally he's still asleep when I leave, because he goes to bed many hours after me, but this morning he stayed up until I would be awake. So I got good morning kisses. Also, much as I love the cats, human conversation in the morning just can't be beat.

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