March 24th, 2010

thinky tim

Another cat picture

My camera is just a regular camera, which means I don't get really beautiful images, just good ones. And I'm usually fine with that, since I'm no photographer. But sometimes, I really wish I could go back and beautify a really great shot:

I highly recommend clicking and seeing the large version, just so you can see the look of kitty bliss on Kershach's face as Drannor grooms him.

Drannor is a friendly cat, but I don't feel he's given his heart over to me and [personal profile] ratzeo yet (no surprise, since we've only had him for just over 3 weeks, and he was surrendered by his owners of 4 years just a month ago). But Kershach - Kershach, I feel, has wormed his way into his "older brother"'s heart. ♥

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