March 29th, 2010

thinky tim

Cat Mom log #419: small victories

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Edit: I decided to see what I could coax Drannor into using tonight's serving of Greenies ... I started by feeding them straight to his mouth, then placing them on the wet food plate, then placing them on top of the wet food, then pressing them into the wet food. He didn't hesitate to eat through some wet food to reach the Greenies. In fact, he ate pretty heartily, taking several bites before unearthing the treat. He even did this when I buried them deeply enough that he couldn't find the Greenie, and just ended up with several mouthfuls of gooshy food. All this, despite the fact that I was holding the Greenies bag while sitting next to him, and he could have given up and begged for more out of the bag. (This could be an effect of Drannor's good manners ... but honestly, they're not that good when it comes to Greenies.) He eventually got tired of the wet food, even when I presented it with a Greenie serving platter, but that was about a half ounce of gooshy food eaten (of the second-choice flavor, no less).

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