April 1st, 2010

thinky tim

Things that have happened to Drannor ...

... as he makes his mad dash for kibble:

1. Getting kicked many, many times. It's just with the force of my walking leg, of course, but that feels like a lot when I hit a 12-pound cat.

2. Getting sat on. I squatted down to lay down the bowl and landed butt-first on his head. (Though I guess this makes up for the time he butt-planted in Kershach's face when he jumped for a toy.)

3. Surging up from his position next to [personal profile] ratzeo, getting tangled in the kotatsu comforter, and faceplanting.

He also has an adorably un-musical meow, and a way of sending excited wiggles up his tail, both of which he does for kibble more than anything else.

... On a completely different subject, what is with recipes that call for an obscene amount of bottled sauces? Like adding a jar of salsa to a black bean soup or the better part of a cup of Worcestershire sauce to a stew? Similarly, I immediately click away from recipes that include things like a a can of condensed soup (or a packet of soup mix). It feels like a cheat to make dishes taste good, since they're relying on a bunch of sodium and preservatives - easy to make tasty, but not good for you. If I'm going to take the time and energy to cook for myself, I want to avoid the unhealthiness of processed foods. So cooking by throwing those very processed foods in makes me go ???

... Okay, now that I think about it, I guess these recipes are useful for people who have limited time or skill - like people cooking for a family with kids, or those cooking for themselves for the first time - and thus are helped by the shortcuts of processed foods. It just annoys me when I go to cooking/recipe sites to find good recipes, and have to weed out the ones that are one step away from being pre-packaged meals.

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