May 11th, 2010

thinky tim


I saw Vienna Teng! And then I met Vienna Teng! And then Vienna Teng signed my CD! And also complimented my Tokidoki purse, which was cool. :D

And I was horribly shy and awkward, which I tend to get ... always, when I meet people whom I admire but do not know. But she and Alex Wong (her co-performer, I guess you would call it - he did backup vocals and instruments, and produces and arranges with her) were very polite. And to my credit, I was not shy and awkward and long-winded, just shy and awkward. When Alex commented on my copy of the CD looking well-worn, I did blurt my story of how I came to see them last year, when the album (Inland Territory) had just come out, and I even had my own fresh new copy; but I assumed she wouldn't be available for signing things so I left it at home and ended up kicking myself ... but since that story took up just enough time for Vienna and Alex to finish autographing the CD, and kept me from staring awkwardly at them, I'm okay with having told it. Even if it wasn't a particularly interesting story. |D;;

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