August 17th, 2010

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Recipe rec

My dinner for the past couple of nights has been a blackened grilled flank steak salad with a red bell pepper honey vinaigrette, based on these recipes from use real butter. I tried it on a whim, because I had all the ingredients on hand, but ... wow. It's really tasty. And fast - the vinaigrette is just a chop-and-blend, and while you do have to let the spice-rubbed steak sit in the fridge for a few hours, the actual hands-on time is a super quick grill.

My modifications were limited: I had a slightly smaller flank steak (closer to 1 pound), which just meant that a lot of the spice rub ended up sloughing off; and I cut the salt in half. I doubt you even need that much - I'm sure the salt does something, but I certainly don't need the taste of it, so next time I would even try 1/4 teaspoon.

My salad is similar to the one on the blog, and conveniently bought entirely from the farmers market: a butter lettuce-type lettuce (the sign at the stall was some fancy name I don't remember, but it looks like butter lettuce - $3 for a head literally over a foot in diameter), cucumber ($1), cherry/grape tomatoes ($3 for a small basket), and a garnish of diced scallions ($1 for a ridiculously huge bunch). Flank steak often goes on sale for $5/lb, so this whole ensemble, which yields about 4 servings for me, cost $13 plus a few pennies for the spices.

Also, when you put it all together with the dressing, the bell pepper and tomato and green onion and meat smells combine to remind me of pizza. o_o

I round out the meal with some bread. Yum.

... In completely different news, I'm reading the first volume of the new Batgirl. I ... like Steph. I do. And the writing is fun and the art is pretty without being excessively cheesecakey. It's all great, but I miss Cass so damn much, and I hate that we had to lose her for Steph to get her big break. There's only one place at the table, and the woman of color and the working class white woman have to compete for it?

Now, for those brave defenders of rich white men - I'm not saying that DC is being evilly racist and classist. But this just sounds a lot like a song that I've heard way too often. And, in light of this Batman, Inc. business and the possibility of multiple Batmans, as well as the actual existence of multiple Flashes and Green Lanterns - it's pretty galling.

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