September 11th, 2010

thinky tim

Drunk Comic Book History: The Robins

This is, like, 80% snort-your-drink hilarious. As someone who really loves the Batfamily but knows that they deserve to have the hell mocked out of them, this is so very close to perfect.

WARNING for: derogatory usage of "psycho," "bitch," and "gay" (though for a few seconds each out of the 8-minute video), an un-funny sequence on Stephanie (not hugely offensive, just un-funny mocking, which makes me sad as a fan), and probably not being too funny if you aren't a little familiar with the Batman canon (you should, at least, know that there has been a series of different Robins).

I want to quote so much of this video, but it's funnier if you see it. So I will refrain, except for saying that you need to watch to the end for, "OH FUCK IT'S BATMAN AND HIS NAKED FRIEND."

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