August 16th, 2011

thinky tim

"It's easy to say you'll die to prevent rape, will you live to prevent rape?"

The rest of the post is definitely worth reading, but the main point is that pithy and powerful title. This is exactly why I have no confidence in men who announce that they would beat up a rapist they saw jump out at me from the bushes - I am vastly more likely to be raped in a home, by someone I know. Not only are such men likely to be useless to actually preventing any sexual violence; since they think those are the only targets, they're usually ignorant of - if not outright hostile to - the idea that there are other, more numerous and insidious, rapes to prevent.

(Also, if you aren't already reading Ami Angelwings, I recommend you do so. Don't let her netspeak fool you into thinking she isn't a sharp writer.)

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