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I am being a post-monkey today

But I have to share the reason I've been giggling like an idiot at the front desk this afternoon.

linaerys has been linking to Heroes posts from 12_12_12, which has reawakened my love for the show. Not because of anything like plot developments or character evolutions, but because of the true source of my love for Heroes: the characters being huge freaking dorks. XD

Check out 12_12_12 for shots of Milo Ventimiglia and Adrian Pasdar being special and touchy. For hilarious excerpts from the deleted scenes on the DVDs. For Milo's attempts to fix the god-awful fashion sense of his fellow castmates. For pictures of the cast in lederhosen. (I am not kidding.)

Also? That entire cast is terribly slashy. And not just Milo and Nathan, but also Milo and ... just about anybody. And Sendhil Ramamurthy and Greg Grunburg. And ... and ... guh.

ETA: Co-executive producer Michael Green on Christopher Eccleston: "Christopher Eccleston gets all the credit for making Claude the badass he is, probably because he’s a ninja in his own right. We were already hoping to get him around the time his scenes were getting written, so we definitely had his voice in mind. Luckily, his voice can make anything sound cool."


ETA again: Wait wait wait HOW have I not seen "Brokeback Petrellis"??
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