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So very much tired

I can't really focus on anything right now except for my need for the day to be over so I can go home and collapse.

But! In the meantime, have these words of wisdom from comics:

"It ends in a question mark. Like a Canadian statement."
-Bucky from Get Fuzzy, my favorite newspaper comic strip.

"Everybody always rags on Bats for playin' it harsh, but ISN'T IT INTERESTING how his worst villains are back in like, five minutes. Batsy's like the low-flow toilet of superheroes!"
-The titular hero of The Non-Adventures of Wonderella, a hilarious web comic spoof about the cheerfully ignorant Princess Dana of Diaphinus. This quote is extra amusing to me because I'm reading the latest volume of Manhunter, and Kate had that dream about Batman beating her up because she killed villains. Take that, Batsy. XD

"I've never known privilege, aside from being a white American with superpowers."
-Wonderella again. Seriously, read this comic.

"Oh, the brothers."
-Hayden Panettiere on Adrian Pasdar and Milo Ventimiglia. Okay, this isn't from a comic - but it's from a video on Adrian's YouTube account wherein Milo totally cuddles Adrian from behind. I refuse to apologize for this.
Tags: general geekery, heroes, things to lol at

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