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Heroes 2.04

Finally saw this week's episode.

Once again, a mixed bag.

On the one hand, I liked Sylar being thrown in with Maya and Alejandro, because it means we might get to see Maya do something besides cry, and do the oh-poor-woman-who-can't-control-her-powers thing. On the other hand, this increases the chances that she and/or Alejandro will die, because apparently we're falling behind on our dead-woman and/or dead-POC quota.

Also, Sylar? Why do you get all starry-eyed over the prospect of stealing the shittiest power ever? "This power is completely useless and makes your life suck ass! ... I want."

Mohinder and Matt are still very, very slashy. Yay Mohinder for trying to be a good dad, and also for the lovely singing. Boo Matt for being selfish. (Although I really liked Greg Grunberg's rendition of Matt's freakout over Molly at the end; it was a good heartstring-tugger.)

Like Matt, Angela Petrelli also did a good job of tugging at my heartstrings even while I disagreed with her course of action. Her delivery of the "don't let your children hate you if you can help it" line to Nathan was quite moving.

West is a creepy, creepy-ass creepy fuck. Seriously, first he pulls the coercion bit on Claire ("just go out with me one more time") and then he uses that against her ("hey, you agreed to go out with me"). Then he guilt-trips her into jumping off of the Hollywood sign, and sets himself up as her "savior" from the very danger he put her in. "I never want to see you hurt" my ass. He'll put her at risk, all right, just so he can play himself up as the hero. He seems ready to do a lot of things to increase her dependency on him.

The fact that this manipulation is all driven by the loneliness of a young boy is no consolation. Claire is in much the same position, feeling isolated and freakish, but while she may lash out occasionally she doesn't prey on the emotional weaknesses of others. The character of West as he's being portrayed is chillingly like a young man who's growing up into an abuser.

But I don't think the writers of the show actually understand this. *sigh*

The one really, really cool part of the episode was Monica. A strong woman of color! OMG! I love her personal strength, her family ties, and her powers. They seem eerily similar to Charlie's, though I hope that isn't an indication of her impending doom ... The show would redeem itself a whole damn lot if she sticks around, and gets to have the major storylines and character development that all the white dudes seem to get.
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